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Back to Sacred Yoga and Embodied Movement Retreat

Happening in Magical Ibiza, Spain October 15-20

Early Bird Rates Still Available!

We're so excited to share our latest offering “BACK TO SACRED,” a yoga and embodied movement retreat happening in Ibiza October 15-20.

We’ve carefully and lovingly crafted this experience to offer the beautiful opportunity to return to that which is sacred -- connection to the body, mind-body-spirit alignment, time in nature, clean eating, movement, deep connection to oneself and others, inner reflection, ritual & ceremony and more.

With the backdrop of the incredible magical island of Ibiza, we’ll embark on a deep journey to reconnect to our sacred hearts and our souls’ true nature.

This yoga and movement retreat in Ibiza will take place at a beautiful seafront private property in the northeast part of the island.

Some of the special offerings we’re creating include daily morning and moonlight Prana Vinyasa yoga sessions, embodied movement practices to deeply connect with our bodies and its innate wisdom, nutritious vegetarian meals by a private chef, a sacred cave excursion, authentic relating and circling, sunset meditation at Es Vedra, offsite dinner at an enchanting bohemian Ibizencan venue, nature hike and outdoor rituals to connect with the elements and land and of course free time to relax, replenish and explore magical Ibiza.

Join us for a sacred experience.

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